With London 2012 nearly here, you’re going to see a lot of the Olympic Park and its amazing venues. And today, in our final tumblr, we look at the star attraction itself – the Olympic Stadium.

It will be the focus of the world’s attention for the next fortnight, but the aim is for the Olympic Stadium to be the premiere home for British athletes for decades ahead. 

It’s already hosting the 2017 World Athletics Championships, and there are strong tenancy bids in place – ranging from football to Formula 1 – that leave it well-placed to be one of our most important sporting and entertainment venues beyond 2012.

Remember, Britain’s first ever purpose-built Olympic stadium – White City – remained a major national sporting venue for nearly a century after being built in 1908.

The omens are good that our new Olympic Stadium will make a similar contribution to the nation’s sporting life.

And it all starts from tonight …

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With London 2012 nearly here, you’re going to see a lot of the Olympic Park and its amazing venues. Each day this week, find out how the venues will be used after the Games are over. Today, we look at the temporary venues: are they here today, gone tomorrow? Not according to our plans…

Temporary venues

The king of the temporary venues on the Park is the extraordinary 12,000 seat Basketball Arena. 

Made of 1,000 tonnes of steel and covered in 20,000 square metres of a recyclable white PVC fabric, the Basketball Arena is one of the biggest temporary venues ever built – standing as tall as the Tate Modern.

Other temporary venues include the Water Polo Arena on the Park, Hadleigh Farm in Essex, for the mountain biking, and the Royal Artillery Barracks where the shooting competition will take place.

Throughout the Olympic building project, the idea was to build permanent venues only when absolutely necessary. Wherever possible the temporary venues will be dismantled and used elsewhere in the UK, enabling other communities to benefit.

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There’s even more to the Olympic Park than the new world-class sporting venues we’ve been highlighting this week. After the Games, the parkland will be open for all to enjoy: a beautiful 250 acre park full of plants and animals.

One of the biggest urban parks created in over a century, the Olympic Park includes more than eight kilometres of waterway, more than 4,000 new trees, 300,000 wetland plants and over 650 bird and bat boxes.

It’s great new for visitors, and even better for local wildlife, which is already making itself at home there. Plus, the parkland will help London cope with changing weather patterns, acting as a giant sponge to soak up rainwater and prevent flooding.

Watch the film to find out more about how the park was created.

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Venues across the UK

With London 2012 nearly here, you’re going to see a lot of the Olympic Park and its amazing venues. Today though, we’re looking beyond east London at venues outside the capital also leaving a legacy in their wake.

Weymouth and Portland

Located in Dorset on the south coast of England, Weymouth and Portland provides some of the best natural sailing waters in the UK.

Its National Sailing Academy already had great facilities, but the Games will make them truly world class. A new, 250m slipway for launching and landing boats has been built along with 70 new moorings, whilst a new marina will provide 250 berths.

The revamped Academy has already played host to two world championships, and will be available for the country’s top sailing teams and many amateur enthusiasts after the Games finish.

Lee Valley White Water Centre

To the north of London, the Lee Valley White Water Centre in Hertfordshire will stage the Olympic canoeing competitions.

For the thrill-seekers among us, the centre is already open to the public, and will continue to operate as an attraction for everyone to use beyond 2012.

In addition, the venue will continue to be used for elite competition, already winning the right to host the Canoe Slalom World Championships in 2015. So we will see the world’s best riding its rapids for many years yet.


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